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Business Smart Factory

Smart Factory


Smart Factory

ZIN Corporation's Smart Factory delivers the best factory solution to clients.
We bring manufacturer the most fast and efficient factory through optimized and cutting-edge solutions.
Ease of monitoring all processes at once creates automation factory with high productivity.

Smart Factory
  • Preventive Maintenance

    Ensure stability of equipment through preventive maintenance.

  • Inter-Process Linkage Control

    Control the linkage between process by using optimal system.

  • Professional Process Control

    Control easily even complicated professional process.

  • Robot Automation

    Use robot for automation operation that decreased in number of workers.


ZIN Corporation's Smart Factory play an essential role in various business fields.

We equip the optimal Smart Factory with integrated solutions laying in
every operating process from input of raw materials, production line, distribution to sale for
our clients in food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industry.