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Smart Retail


Smart Retail

ZIN Corporation's Smart Retail presents the effective business solutions in accordance with changes in consumption patterns.
We provide retail integrated IoT platform to assist easy and precise management for the entire process of distribution and sale.

Smart Retail
  • Large-Scale and Long-Term Clients

    Offer maintenance services to over 9,000 large-scale client's stores at present. Provide ITO service to Shinsegae's strategy office, department store and duty free store. Support OA technology and maintenance services.

  • Business Infrastructure

    Operate 365-day available call center to support integrated monitoring and control. Have 5 branch offices nationwide as service center. Head office in Seoul, and large-scale logistics center in Anseong.

  • Partnership

    HP Retail Solutions Partner Toshiba Korea Parts Center 3rd Party Partner

  • OA Service

    Samsung Electronics Outlet LG Electronics Distributor Supply computerized equipment including PC and notebook. Upgrade and migrate OS. Dispose of and destroy obsolescence equipment.


ZIN Corporation's Smart Retail play an essential role in various business fields.

We offer maintenance services including system development, implementation,
ITO, and call center support to reinforce the client's supply chain system.