Smart Battery Park

Smart Battery Pack

TB5 a smart portable battery bag, is a DC power supplying gear which consists of 'Lithium battery pack + Charger + Converter (5V, 12V, 24V) + CPU + LED fluorescent light" in a case. It is applicable to supply electrical power anywhere there is no electricity.
  • Smart Prediction System
  • TB5's intelligence system will let you know the remaining time of battery usage with current power consumption when using, and also the remaining time when charging.
  • Faster charging Availability
  • High capacity meets faster charging performance which will take about 2-3 hours maximum.
  • Enough available capacity of 1K
  • With 1,000Wh of battery capacity, TB5 means that you can always have your entire smart IT life with you.
  • Auto recovery fuse & Failsafe function
  • TB5 automatically cuts off and recovers itself without changing fuse.
    Designed and assembled with totally enclosed case, LG Chem, Lithium battery cell and multi failsafe functions achieved by TABOS'S/W on M3 chip and BMS.
SBP 비교
Model TB5-730-S TB5-1000-S
Central Processing Unit
  • M3 Chip and Artificial intelligence S/W.
  • Artificial prediction and displaying systems.
    : Battery availble runtime/Residual charging time.
  • To achieve advanced fail safe system with battery BMS.
Battery Capacity 730Wh(Equivalent Capacity = 12V 72 Ah) 1,000Wh(Equialent Capacity = 12V 94 Ah)
Battery Type Li-ion Battery Cell (LG Chem, Made in Korea)
Power Outlet
  • USB x 4 Ports : DC 5V/2A
  • Cigar Jacks, Binding Post : DC12V, Max. 200W
  • Binding Post : DC24V, Max. 450W
  • Graphic LCD X 1EA
  • LED Lights : Brightness controlled, Max. 10W
Charge Power 100 ~ 240V (50/60 Hz) 370W, Charger installed
  • Customize Option for business - Protocol and other negotiation required.
  • Amount of battery and usage, estimated time of use, and estimated time of charging must be transmitted to the computer using a communication port.
  • The communication port must be installed in replacement of a removed jack.
  • Communication Port Connector Specifications: D-Sub (9 pin)
Charge Time 2.5 hours 3.5 hours
Power Supply Capability
  • 10W load : Available for 73hrs.
  • 50W load : Available for 14hrs.
  • 100W load : Available for 7hrs.
  • Smart phone (10Wh) : 70 times chargeable.
  • Laptop (15~20W) Max. 48hrs.
  • 10W load : Available for 100hrs.
  • 50W load : Available for 20hrs.
  • 100W load : Available for 10hrs.
  • Smart phone (10Wh) : 100 times chargeable.
  • Laptop (15~20W) Max. 66hrs.
Dimensions(mm) 430L x 100W x 240H
Weight 7.8 Kg 9.1 Kg
Convenience/ Fail Safe System
  • Totally enclosed aluminum enclosure.
  • Auto shut down/recovery during over urrent or shortage
  • Battery OVP, OCP Over heat protection. Etc.
* PS: Practically, you can use the 730Wh for an hour, the same with 1000Wh can be used for an hour. However, the device will face damages once you extract all 1000W at once. So, it is limited to 24V for 450W, and 12V for 200W. TB5 can be used resourcefully through the device's LCD which shows the amount of energy you have used, therefore allowing you to keep track of your usage.