Supply chain execution Solution

Point Of Production(POP)| EnZIN POP

Our system manages the delivery process from start to finish. Based on the order of shipment, our system creates a delivery root plan, storage plan then dispatches the work order with tracking and instructions to where and how the order is to be delivered. Shipment is tracked throughout the delivery, all the way through when the shipment is received.
Main Equipment

Collection of production and quality data from installed barcode scanner, barcode printer, and sensor to save in the fundamental system database for later use.

  • Coordination of product planning and prediction of production through system analysis.
  • Manufacturing sites will be able to go paperless minimizing the manual process.
Business Strategy
  • Competitive edge through improved information management and a secure IT infrastructure.
  • Improves customer service by offering quick and accurate automated aggregation and management from information produced by each line of production, status and or monitoring.
  • Provides analysis of efficient facility management through both live monitoring of operation status and types of failure notices.