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Logistics Picking System(DPC/DPS/DAS/VOS)| Picking Solution

Picking solution is ideal for improving business efficiency and productivity such as enhancing the accuracy of the picking operation but also the speed of the picking operation. Especially in today's trend of logistics enterprises. Our picking solution is able to respond to the change of outbound logistics effectively.
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(Digital Picking Cart system)


(Digital Picking System)


(Digital Assorting System)


(Voice picking System)

Work procedures Receive date wirelessly and proceed picking process with a cart. Install a tag on what products are on the rack and the picking employee is able to pick the items per destination that have different lists of items. Each unit attached release-indicator is distributed in order of the product. Receive data wirelessly and proceed picking/inspection process with a cart based on voice recognition.
Range of application Mult-station delivery to deliver moe varieties of different sized products. Suitable for varieties of small quantities of products that are frequently sent out. Suitable for small variety-mass production goods. Suitable for variety of small quantities of product that are sent out to variety of destinations.
Rack utilization Utilization of the existing Rack. Utilization of the existing Rack. New Equipment for Rack and space required. Utilization of the existing Rack.
  • Save work-time an increase poductivity by being able to increase "picking" speed.
  • Reduce real-time picking errors.
  • Save work-time an increase poductivity by being able to increase "picking" speed.
  • Improvement of Logistics Services through the iprovement of picking accuracy.
  • Save work-time and increase productivity by being able to assort items quickly.
  • Improved Operations by reducing errors.
  • Get convenience of work by using wearable devices.
  • Save work-time and Increase productivity by speeding up “picking time”.
  • Provide high productivity with low-cost investment.
DPC(Digital Picking Cart system)

Employees can quickly and accurately pick using the DPS / DAS system with the information provided on the digital indicator (Picking indicator) which is attached to the cart. The digital indicator receives work order but also carries information about the optimal path of travel and the shortest time similar to a navigator.

DPS(Digital Pickin System)

Based on distribution-data displayed on the Digital indicator(Picking Indicator) which is located on the Rack; Employees are able to quickly and accurately pick the items needed.

DAS(Digital Assorting System)

The Picked products can be distributed without an order sheet, Using the Picking Indicator with Display and a response device that displays on the rack to place items into a picking bin.

VOS(Voice picking System)

After receiving work orders via application in the wearable device, VOS enables works to do hands-free/Eyes-free operation by using the built-in voice recognition function(voice indication and confirmation) so it enables convenient operation to be performed so that the workers can work more smarter and faster than before.