About US

Greeting from the CEO

"Our clients' success is
 our success."

For over 20 years, ZIN Corporation has been providing a various range of business management solutions to different companies. For these companies to be able to give out the best services to their customers and develop their companies in the most successful way possible, our company has always taken our roles seriously to be able to offer our best to every client. To be able to offer the best development solutions to everyone, our company will strive to follow these goals and give our best to our clients in the future.

ZIN will share its best collaborative solutions at all times. ZIN shall offer a management solution where every aspect of the company such as the hardware, software and other services needed to develop an effective progress will be developed. Through these solutions, ZIN will lessen the problems and obstacles while providing the needs of each client.

We will always strive to be ready at your service at all times. As the developments of information technology grows as fast and vast as the business environments, we will do our very best to always be up to date with fastest technologies available. ZIN will always provide you with the latest trend solutions and serve you in the most developed ways while acting as a R&D Center of the company.

ZIN started as a company offering barcode solutions in relation to production and sales.However, with the many support of our clients, we were able to offer our best not only in barcode solutions but also expanded into a bigger company only to offer bigger management solutions to our clients.