Specialized Solution

Temperature Management System| Temp Manager

This is the specialized temperature manager solution for quality management, It systematically and effecively controls the temperature of the company. With this, the company is able to improve quality assurance.
System Configuation BENEFITS:
Unified administration for Multi-business
  • In case a company has various business workplaces such as a factory, store building, and so on, this system is able to manage each business place individually and integrally.
Applying upgraded concept in reading temperature
  • Managing alarm temperature and proper temperature separately. This is an upgraded method in contrast with the previous data that manages the temperature limits.
Elaborate and systematic alarm operation system
  • This system is an applied Alarm standard concept for accurate and practical temperature management and operates efficiently.
Various and effective alarm methods
  • By providing various alarms for e-mail, SMS, widgets, light bar, buzzer and so on, the alarm makes employees recognize the problem immediately and to take measures.